Cannabis Sativa is a vastly misunderstood and underused plant. Once more famous for its psychoactive properties, more and people are realising that there is a lot more to hemp than simply getting high. Hemp is astonishingly diverse has been used throughout history for wearing, building, washing, eating….the possibilities are seemingly endless. Rope, car parts, biodegrade […]

Hemp, a member of the cannabis Sativa species is a truly fascinating plant. It is one of the most useful and diverse plants we have on the planet. Hemp can be used to make everything from clothes to car parts, building materials to smoothies, handbags to hand cream! Fibres from the stem can be used […]

It doesn’t cost the earth The fibres of the hemp plant have been used to make fabric for centuries, archaeologists have discovered remnants of hemp cloth from 8000 BC. Hemp fibre has a rich and fascinating history, in Elizabethan times hemp was considered such a valuable resource that if you had land, by law, you […]

The plant that just keep giving. Just over 20 years ago a farmer from Suffolk took on, what was then a new and innovative scheme to grow a crop of hemp. Hemp, which had long been out of fashion in England was now just a lesser known relation of the cannabis plant. Save for the […]

Respect for the planet and environmentresources utilises a sustainable crop Nature hemp can be grown without the need of harmful pesticides. Recycle hemp is very hard wearing, it goes on and on and onkeep it or pass it on. Return hemp was a material source in ancient times andis now making comeback Relevance in an […]

Follow the Rise, the Fall and the Comeback on the time line bellow. The various applications of hemp over the millennia. 8000BC Hemps origin is unclear but archaeological evidence can date hemp back 10,000 years to Taiwan. China uses hemp for ropes and fishingnets. 1000 BC  Nomadic tribes spread the use of hemp via Persia, through […]

Wednesday evening “In Crops” hosted a meeting in Bury St Edmunds to discuss growing hemp in the UK. Currently Industrial hemp is grown either for the seeds to produce oil (for use in the food and cosmetic industries) or for fibre (for use, amongst other things in the building, automotive and marine industries) such is the versatility of this […]