Hemp Skin Care

Cannabis Sativa is a vastly misunderstood and underused plant. Once more famous for its psychoactive properties, more and people are realising that there is a lot more to hemp than simply getting high.

Hemp is astonishingly diverse has been used throughout history for wearing, building, washing, eating….the possibilities are seemingly endless. Rope, car parts, biodegrade plastic, paper, clothing, shampoo…..from insulating homes to making nutritious smoothies. Used from seed to stem hemp is a truly sustainable natural resource.

Hemp is a very hardy plant; it grows like a weed which is where the slang term for cannabis comes from. The hemp plant does not need pesticides and herbicides and requires far less water than other plants. Hemp is a relatively fast crop with a hundred day turn around and can be grown in a variety of climates and soil types. Hemp can even be grown on poor soil which it actually improves.

Hemp can also be used to purify soil, air, and water, it is being grown to clean contaminants at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster sight.

While industrial hemp fibres from the stem are used to make fabric and paper, the oil from the seeds has a whole other heap of benefits.

Hemp seed oil is considered one of the most nutritiously balanced supplements you can take. As well as improving the immune system, cardiovascular health and brain development, hemp is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals and high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil really helps your skin from the inside, it is a fantastic treatment for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Used topically hemp is an extremely effective, yet gentle moisturiser, containing key amino acids and vitamins known to prevent dryness and wrinkles, while rejuvenating skin. Hemp oil hydrates without clogging pours, while balancing and regulating your skins natural oils.

As with so many things, natural is best. We were really excited to develop an organic based range of hemp skin care products with absolutely no chemicals, parabens or sulphates and no animal testing.

Due to the lack of equipment to produce the fabric most of the hemp clothes we sell are made from fabric which has been imported. Countries like China and Nepal have never stopped producing hemp fabric whereas England is a bit out of practice!

We hope that the growing demand for sustainable and greener alternatives will lead to the government encouraging farmers to diversify and increase production. We believe the will of many of the farming community is there to take the next step it is just the red tape that makes getting started difficult.

In the meantime we are thrilled to be able to say that our Hemp Store bath and body range is entirely made in England.

About 4 years ago, after years of selling hemp bags, clothes, and the world’s first hemp frisbee we began to explore the idea of our own bath, body and soap range utilising the amazing cold pressed hemp seed oil.
Tom and Zoe, great friends from back in our Cambridge Market days, who already had a thriving organic soap business, were up for helping us, and the rest as they say is history!
Together we produce an ever growing range of natural and ethical hemp seed oil based products which are handmade and produced locally here in our home county of Suffolk

Thanks to Tom and Zoe’s passion and know-how for organic soap, added to our love of all things hemp we have created something we are immensely proud of. Beginning with four hemp soaps, one hemp shampoo and one hemp body wash we now have several varieties of each as well as hemp body lotion, hemp hand cream, hemp bubble bath and much more.

The hemp seed oil is a particularly important part of what makes our range so special. Thanks to the ultra-moisturising qualities your skin is left soft and hydrated.

We get a lot of positive feedback about our soap; thanks to the hemp it doesn’t dry out your hands like many soaps can. We are all doing a lot more hand washing at the moment, so this is very appreciated.

The lotions and creams are absorbed quickly and easily and are kind enough be used on even very sensitive skin and children. We proudly state ‘No testing On Animals’ – unless you count my own children!

We really enjoy coming up with new products and working on different aromas with complimenting essential oils, with the benefit of Tom and Zoë’s experience we have learnt a lot and together we have come up with some great ideas, including a tattoo balm which is very popular at our local tattoo shops.

Our range is now sold throughout the country and 2 years ago we were very excited to officially register with the Organic Non Food Federation and The Vegan Society so you can be assured that our products are organic and vegan friendly.

We were delighted 3 years ago when our soaps were sold in The British Museum Shop in London to compliment an exhibition about ancient tribes who used hemp.

We have strived to keep our range as environmental and ethical as possible while remaining affordable and accessible to all. We recently changed from recycled/recyclable plastic bottles to aluminium and have introduced shampoo bars and off the block soap with absolutely zero waste packaging. We very much believe in everyone making whatever small steps they can to live an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle and we make those steps ourselves wherever possible.

Hemp is good for your skin and good for the planet. There is more demand now than ever for natural, chemical free products and that is where we are very happy to step in.

For our latest creation we have added hemp seed oil to Himalayan bath salts for an ultimate bath experience and our new luxury organic hemp body oil, which can be used as a professional massage oil or a post bath/shower treat. We are currently working on a face cream…. watch this space!
We also have a wonderful range of gift boxes and hampers because we honestly believe that hemp is nature’s gift.

Thanks to changing attitudes, more information and the growing desire for greener more sustainable lifestyles hemp is no longer considered something just for hippies and stoners. Hemp is breaking free of the outdated laws and attitudes that have long stood in the way of its potential and is being recognised as the hugely beneficial plant that it is.

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