Hemp shampoo

Hemp, a member of the cannabis Sativa species is a truly fascinating plant. It is one of the most useful and diverse plants we have on the planet.

Hemp can be used to make everything from clothes to car parts, building materials to smoothies, handbags to hand cream!

Fibres from the stem can be used to make hard wearing fabric, industrial textiles, paper and more! One acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper as THREE acres of trees and using just half hemp in a cotton t shirt saves 100 gallons (450 litres) of water!

The leaves and flowers are used for compost and pharmaceutical products, amongst other things!

Hemp can grow in a huge variety of climates and soil types -even very poor soil which the roots actually improve!

The seeds are incredibly nutritious, packed full of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. They can make flour, protein powder and vegan milk. The oil from the seeds makes a fantastic healthy cooking/seasoning oil as well as industrial products including fuel, lubricants, solvents, and varnishes.

Hemp seed oil is exceptionally good for your skin, both as a nutritional supplement and when used topically. It is an extremely effective moisturiser and is kind to even the most sensitive skin.

The Hemp Store was established in 1999 not long after Jonny, who worked on a Suffolk farm suggested trying a crop of hemp. After being banned for years based on unfair and outdated laws, licenses to grow hemp in the UK were being granted.

The more we found out about the uses and benefits to the environment, the more we felt we were missing something, a seed was sown.

After 16 years of selling hemp bags and hemp clothes on our Cambridge market stall and website we started looking into the possibility of creating a hemp based range of organic, vegan, ethically produced hemp bath, and body products. We knew hemp was good for your skin…. what about your hair?

High in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp seed oil is highly effective in conditioning and protecting hair as well moisturising the scalp. Hemp is full of vitamin E, known for improving growth, preventing hair loss and split ends while also protecting vibrancy of colour… this seems like a no brainier!

We joined forces with our good friends Tom and Zoe who already had a small successful family run organic soap business (and all the necessary machinery) and for the last four years we have produced an ever growing range of natural products which we are really proud of.

Since we began with our original Hemp Lavender & Rosemary shampoo, which is still a firm customer favourite, we have now added a Sweet Orange version and complimenting conditioners.

We have had great feedback from customers and local hairdressers and our hemp shampoo is now sold across the country.

Through our many years at The Hemp Store we have undoubtably learnt that natural is always best. Many standard commercial shampoos are full of chemicals which your hair does not actually need and ultimately needs to be washed out, and so the cycle continues.

The hemp shampoo works to balance your hairs natural oil production, working with your hair rather than stripping and putting stuff on it.

Since using a natural shampoo I have found that I am needing to wash my hair far less than before which is also saving water – another small step towards helping the environment.

I always explain to our customers that there is sometimes a transition period when you go from a standard shampoo to a natural one. This is commonly known as ‘The Purge’.

Some people get on with the shampoo immediately where as others, myself included, found there was a period of adjustment. You may find your hair feels strange in texture, straw like, drier or greasier. Your hair may not feel totally rinsed and with a slight residue. As I always say, don’t panic! This is totally normal and will only last for a few washes. While chemical shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils, a natural shampoo works with them. Give your hair and the shampoo a chance to get used to each other and you will be ultimately rewarded with hair that feels cleaner, softer and in better condition.

After 20 years we have noticed a huge shift in attitudes. More and more people are concerned and educating themselves about what is actually in their food and beauty products and where they come from. People are more switched on to environmental issues. Thanks to the internet more and more people have access to information and there is a growing consciousness in our society to seek out greener and more sustainable lifestyles.

We strongly believe that everyone making changes when they can, however small is actually a huge step in the right direction. We strive to produce a product with minimal environmental impact while at the same time being affordable and accessible to all.

We recently changed from recycled/recyclable plastic bottles to aluminium and last year we were thrilled to produce our range of hemp shampoo bars reducing waste packaging.

This year we have introduced hemp shampoo bars. Available for 4 different hair types and dressed in nothing but a simple card sleeve – zero waste. The bars work beautifully with your hair and remain compact and solid (some bars disintegrate at the first sign of moisture!?).

We also offer an affordable aluminium soap tin to keep the bar in.

Hemp shampoo gives you beautifully clean hair and a beautifully clean conscious. We highly recommend you give it a try.

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