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Get a great deal on any 6 bath bombs for just £18 instead of £21

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  • Revitalise Bath Bomb

    Enjoy the refreshing & uplifting scent of Lemongrass & Grapefruit.
    A cheerful aroma to revatilise your body & mind.

  • Refresh Bath Bomb

    Clear your mind & your sinuses with refreshing Orange & Eucalyptus.
    A bright & invigorating aroma to stimulate your senses & energise your mind & body.

  • Relax Bath Bomb

     Drift away with the relaxing scent of Lavender & Patchouli.
    A natural, relaxing greenish hue & a sprinkling of petals will turn your bath into a spa in seconds.

  • Sea Breeze Bath Bomb

    Refresh your mind and body with hints of lavender, lime & mint.
    A lovely clean crisp scent inspired by a fresh sea breeze.
    Enjoy this delightful aroma with bright blue bath water & a touch of glitter reminiscent of the sun sparkling on the waves.

  • Beach Sands Bath Bomb

     Close your eyes & picture relaxing beach sands with this beautiful warm & tranquil scent.
    With notes of Coconut, Jasmine & Sandalwood this is a sweet, summery, musky aroma for you to enyoy.
    Sandy beach bliss with a hint of sun tan lotion.

  • Ocean Waves Bath Bomb

     Soothing Ylang Ylang complimented with refreshing lemon to create a beautifully serene aroma which transports you to the ocean waves.
    A turquoise hue & a dash of seaweed added to the water complete a truly tranquil seaside spa experience.

  • Country Garden Bath Bomb

      A refreshing floral, fruity, counrtyside treat inspired by two favourites from Grandma's garden.
    A feel-good, blossomy aroma, conjuring up images of quaint cottage gardens & turning your bath water a delightful rosie hue.

  • Tropical Smoothie Bath Bomb

    A delicious Mango & Pineapple treat which was inspired by my favourite fruit smoothie.
    Drift off to pardise with this sweet, refreshing tropical scent.

  • Blackcurrant Sundays Bath Bomb

     This sundae inspired scent will make your Sunday soak sweet & special.
    Sharp Blackcurrant & Raspberry softened with musky notes of vanilla.
    Enjoy the delightful warm, sweet aroma & the pleasent blackcurrant hue of your bath water.

  • 3 Kings Bath Bomb

    A traditional Christmas combination.
    The warm aroma of Frankincense & Myrrh with a delightful hint of  sweet Sandalwood - & of course a sprinkle of gold.
    Calming & comforting scent

    Out of stock

  • Winter Wood Bath Bomb

    Drift away on a stroll through a magical winter wood with clean spruce, relaxing Bergamot & a hint of Juniper.
    A refreshing woody scent with notes of Christmas Tree & a dash of sparkle.

Get a great deal on 6 bath bombs for just £18 instead of £21

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